Monday, December 16, 2013

Taste of India Logo Design

This is my earliest prototype and my least favorite. It's very default in its overall design and looks kinda' like the text off a Yes album.

This is a late idea and my second-least favorite. The multiple colors get the idea of flavor in there, which was important to me, and the stylized map of India is modern, but using an image of India at an Indian restaurant is just too bland.

You're going to have to forgive me on this one. For one thing, it looks like a beer logo. For another, and I'm not kidding, this is where I got my inspiration... it represents Hinduism. It looks like a person in prayer, but the "arms" are also a Möbius strip, which represents the Hindu concept of Saṃsāra, or reincarnation. The "head" represents the soul achieving Moksha, or freedom from the eternal cycle which is the aspiration of all souls. You have to admit, it's a cool idea! But rarely do I get so metaphysical with my designs. I'm usually pragmatic. They're selling Tandoori Chicken, for pete's sake.

This is my second favorite logo. It's angles are hyper-modern and very bold. The problem was that it was too modern. I felt that customers would be expecting something more than simply a good Indian restaurant.

And finally, my favorite logo. The logo elements are colored, to represent flavors, and the shapes represent cooking utensils and minarets of the Taj Mahal without being too blatant about it. The color bar above Providence does an excellent job of aesthetically completing the logo and connecting the top and bottom parts. It's friendly and open, meaning that anyone walking into a friendly, open Indian restaurant wouldn't be disappointed by it.

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