Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Series Of Online Casino Renders

This was a series of renders created in Adobe Fireworks and Blender 3D using LuxRender and Cycles. They appear in an interface for a tournament system. Most of my CGI work is confidential, so this is among the little that I can post publicly. I didn't model the woman. I don't know where I got that model, actually. In retrospect, it's kinda' messed up. Regardless, 3D rendering is beyond fun. It's frustrating sometimes because you may not know if you like an image or not until you've done two hours of rendering, but it's still so much fun.

Remember, if you are interested in CGI work for your project, these are meant to be over the top. They're for a bloody online casino. Glitz and glam are the order of the day. For most other applications, you will want something far more muted than this.

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