Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Closing Up Shop

Hello to anyone who may read this. We've decided to close up shop. The stresses and annoyances of running a free-lance shop just became too much for not enough benefit. Our current clients are grandfathered in and can continue to get work done until either we or they die.

It was a tough decision, but to make this entire thing worth it required an investment of time and money that we just weren't willing to make at this point. Perhaps at another time.

I want to thank everyone who took a chance on a small shop and the clients who came back time and time again... and paid their bills.

We also want to thank everyone who helped us, both with time and money, as we tried this. While we are going back out into the work force, this was absolutely not a wasted effort. It was an experience and an entire series of lessons that we will value for the remainder of our lives. We wouldn't give up the past two years for anything.

So, with no one else to thank, all we really have left to say is good night, and good luck.

It's been a trip.

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