Sunday, March 17, 2013

Legendary Sony Bravia Commercials

Every now and then, a commercial really stops me in my tracks. The first commercial for the original Razr cell phone; the Three Little Pigs Guardian advert; and many others.

Sony Corp. has been in the absolute shitter for quite a few years now, so I'd like to take everyone back to a time when they weren't quite on the top of the world, but they were near enough to it. In 2005, Sony commissioned a series of commercials for their newly refreshed line of Bravia LCD televisions, and boy howdy, did they knock these out of the park. They are a case study in subtle advertising and an early experiment in using social media to deliver a message to people who active want to want what has been made.

Make sure to watch all of them in the highest-def available.

This "Domino City" spot aired a couple of years later and I don't consider it of the same caliber. It's not bad, but it lacks the majesty of the earlier commercials. Moreover, the earlier commercials don't use any tricks as the dominoes do. There's no CGI. There are actual bouncing balls, actual paint. They only used computers to edit out the support structures for the action.

Finally, a year after that, we were given Foam City to advertise all of Sony's A/V hardware. This is definitely in the same class as the earlier ads. The ending is awful, with the random and hurried display of products, but the rest is great.

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