Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Logo And A REAL Logo

When I was writing some page for something... somewhere, I created a simple comparison between a filler logo — the kind of logo that one buys out of a book at the Staples print center — and a real, designed logo intended to attract attention. I think that it is a pretty stark comparison, especially considering that the good logo only took no more than three hours of work.

This is not the logo that you want.

This IS the logo that you want.
Obviously, this is just a simple logo that could apply to any plumber. What I am actually selling is my time and my skills to express what you want expressed. The logo represents you, not my aesthetic direction at the moment of creation. We will go back and forth, discussing and working on your personality and brand together.

The point of this, aside from being a sales pitch, is to reveal just how marked a difference there is. You do not want to be the company that is fighting for the minds of the public with a substandard market presence. You want to be the company with a personality, any personality. Well, not any personality. You don't want the personality of a KKK member or some other such thing. But barring racism and violence, you need a personality. You need people to think of something intangible when they hear your brand. Playful, mature, wise, high-tech: these are the characteristics that you want people to feel.

And just as the best way to initially communicate something about yourself is your facial expression, so it is with the "face" of your company: your logo.

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