Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Aaron Martin-Colby Brand

I wanted to create an umbrella brand for all of the sites that I publish. It will help strengthen "me" as an entity separate from the various brands of the blogs, while also hopefully bringing increased attention from my more popular sites to the less popular ones. I am also hoping to generate business since I have a rather severe meth addiction that requires a great deal of money.

Importantly, I wanted it to communicate my design ideal of bold simplicity. Since I am a youthful, tech-oriented sorta' guy, I also wanted my logo to communicate a modern aesthetic (I tried to make it communicate how damned sexy I am, as well, but this was impossible). While a logo need not have anything to do with the title, I've always found that logos that are in some way associated with the word or subject to be the most memorable. Paul Rand is my philosophical foundation for this, who almost always had the logo and text intertwined.

I have always loved the symbol for infinity. It is simple, but carries an enormous amount of meaning and significance. I decide that it is a good starting point because the three letters of my name fit into the structure of the symbol very well. It is a bit overused in design these days, but as long as one moves far enough away from the starting point, there's not too much to worry about.

I experiment with the placing of letters a bit to find my footing and very much like the third one that moves away from the more literal placing of the first two by reversing the direction of the C. This brings me closer to the original infinity symbol, of which I need to be careful.

I lay out the logo and create the linked symbol. All three letters are represented in some part, but now I'm very close to the original symbol. This is problematic since I want the logo to only hint at the symbol for infinity, otherwise I am combating the public recognition of the symbol as it is, and not as it is associated with me.

I know that I want to keep the A explicit. It is the first letter of my first name and it appears four times in my whole name, Aaron Donald Martin-Colby. The logo pruning also makes the image seem to naturally fall into an A-like shape.

To complete the image, I choose a semi-generic futurey font that, when combined with the logo, gels into a unique whole.

Both text and logo are highly flexible, admitting of different colors and printing.

An initially well-designed logo frequently results in serendipitous benefits. Here, I did not intend it, but the logo works well as an element to a pattern, allowing me to subtly repeat the image throughout a page or document in a non-offensive way.

With such strong connection on one side, the logo can stand alone on the other side. I also allow myself a small touch of mirth with the silly, homonymous "bizzness."

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