Monday, October 3, 2011

KOVO Brand Design

For my own brand, I wanted the logo to communicate rigid, modern, professionalism. I avoided organic shapes because I wanted the brand to be flexible, indicating that I can do things that are very colorful and playful, while also being capable of prim, proper, corporate material.

The name KOVO comes from combining the word "kinetic" with the latin words for eye, "oculus," and voice, "vox." It represents not only energetic sight and sound, but the human element necessarily involved with art and design.

I communicated brand consistency through shape, texture, and layout. This freed me to use color wildly while maintaining a consistent identity. Thus, I am able to illustrate rigid professionalism while simultaneously communicating playful artistry through the use of neon or pastel colors.

As would be expected with flexible colors, the brand color isn't a critical component of the overall brand structure. The choice of reds as a default color again communicates a professional sense while also evincing passion and fire.

The contrasting color and usage of all capital letters allows brand to be communicated easily in basic text, in any font, and in non-standard layouts. This is especially useful for all-text online documents that rely on a user's font library, with Arial matching the look and feel of the logo very well.

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